10 Things You Should Not Do When Renting a Car

10 Things You Should Not Do When Renting a Car
10 Things You Should Not Do When Renting a Car

Renting a car is one of the most hassle-free ways to get suitable transport during an emergency or short trip. Hence, you need to remember certain don’ts while using a rental car. Any renowned car rental service like car rental Antigua will guide you on these don’ts at the time of handing over your rental car. However, keep scrolling through the article if you are curious about these.

What Should You Not Do When Renting a Car?

You should not do the following things when renting a car:

  1. Purchasing Separate Insurance

You do not need to purchase any separate car insurance for your rental car. If you have your own vehicle, its insurance will also cover your rental car damage. Thus, you will have comprehensive coverage for your rental car in your home country with your pre-purchased insurance. Further, you can discuss this matter with your insurance service provider for more clarity.

  1. Not Responding to Offers

When you hire cars more than once from a car rental company, they will likely give you some offers. At this point, you should take these offers and enjoy upgrading, as it is an intelligent choice. Best car rental Antigua companies are well-known for giving different offers and serving their clients the best.

  1. Failing to Refuel

When you take a car to rent, you will have an agreement stating that you have to refuel the vehicle on your way back. If you do not do it, you may have to pay extra charges to the car rental company. So it is better to refuel your car on your own.

  1. Not Having “Loss of Use” Insurance

“Loss of use” is a special insurance coverage offered by different credit car companies. It covers the rental car damage. This is generally charged when the car is potentially damaged and gone for repair. Typically loss of use amount is the amount of a day’s rental charge for the concerned vehicle.

  1. Does Not Using Your Credit Cards

Not using a credit card for rental car damage is another mistake you may commit. The credit card will likely cover the sections your insurance does not cover. So, there is no need to buy secondary insurance for your rental car. Therefore, you can go for a car hire Antigua and enjoy luxurious rides without any issues.

  1. Not Checking the Car Thoroughly

When choosing a rental car, you are supposed to check each and every part of the car. This is necessary to ensure maximum safety during your journey. Besides, if you do not address the damage before the trip, your car rental company may not entertain the issues later. However, the renowned cheap car rental Antigua companies will always suggest their clients check the rental car before hiring and will assist in this process.

  1. Not Sharing Proper Information

While renting a car, any car rental company will ask you for the information. They will ask for different personal information and document proof to have a record of you. It is not only an official requirement but also necessary for giving you a backup if you face any issues while using the rental car. This way, you will be connected with your car rental company and get the best service possible.

  1. Not Checking Different Categories

There are different categories in various membership programs for car rental companies which you need to explore before hiring a car. There might be special categories for sportspersons, different age groups etc. So, you can not miss these categories, as they can save your money and get you special treatments.

  1. Returning Car without Final Inspection

When you return your rental car, you should wait there until the agent properly checks the vehicle.This way, you can avoid any further hassle, and the rental company also can not make any unauthorized demands in the future. You can get the best assistance in this regard if you go for cheap car hire Antigua. Their agents will thoroughly check your returned car and find if you have left any valuable belonging inside the vehicle in your presence.


Thus, hope you have got a clear idea of the don’ts that you have to avoid while renting a car. Further, if you want voluntary support and the best assistance, you can book a vehicle from the best car rental Antigua companies and enjoy numerous benefits.

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