Things You Need to Know to Book Your Rental Car at the Airport

Things You Need to Know to Book Your Rental Car at the Airport
Things You Need to Know to Book Your Rental Car at the Airport

Hiring a car for airport pick-up and drop-off can be tricky. This is because of the timing of the flight and sudden emergencies. However, people may face maximum problems with a hired car during the pick-up time from any airport. However, if you choose car rental Antigua airport, you will get a more careful service for your airport drop-off and pick-up. Hence, follow this article to know some tips on booking a rental car at the airport.

Know Your Timing

When you are going to rent a car for your airport pick-up, you should be well aware of your timing. Most car rental companies will ask you to book an early car pick-up service, and their arrival time will be within 45-60 minutes. However, if you book a vehicle with a little delay, it can be better as the early arrival of your rental car will create unnecessary confusion due to flight delays.

Book a Car with Extra Time

You can avail excellent service from car hire Antigua airportrental companies by maintaining some time management tips. These are as follows:

  • Allow More Time While Booking from a Large Airport

You may need a little extra time to find your way out to the rental car counter when you are in a large airport. Further, big airports may also have some added security checks. In addition, you will find a lot of things to explore in a larger airport. Thus, booking a car with little extra time is better if you are at a big airport.

  • Extra Time is Needed If You Have Children

Kids are sensitive to the crowd and the flying. They may feel dizzy and uncomfortable right after their departure. So, you have to spend some extra moments with them so that they can relax. Further, if they have any health issues, you must address them with proper care. After some refreshments, you can hurry up to the rental car counter.

  • If It is a Peak Season, Take Some Extra Time

You should book your car with a little delay if you travel in peak season. During this time, airports remain crowdy and security processing etc., can be delayed. So, if you book your car with a little delay, you will face no problem; instead, the whole process can be smooth and easy. You can choose car hire in Antigua airportservice for the best treatment during the peak seasons.

  • Allow More Time If Having Checked Luggage

It won’t take much time to complete the security process if you have in hand luggage. However, if you have to wait for your checked baggage, it will take some more time. So, book your rental car accordingly to avoid any confusion.

  • If the Rental Car Counter is Far

If you know that the rental car counter is quite far from the terminal and you need time to reach there, then you should not book an early pick-up service. Instead, take your time and reach your rental car without any timing-related hassle.

Can You Change Your Pick-Up Time?

Hence, changing your rental car timing depends on the policies of the rental car company. However, in general cases, you can change your pick-up timing from a few weeks to a few days before the date. If you choose rent a car Antigua airport service, then you can get some great deals on the timing change of your rental car.

What to Do If You Become Late?

If you find that you will be late in reaching the rental counter, then you should inform you’re counter as soon as you realise. It will be a good gesture, and both you and your rental car won’t face any problems.

How Long Generally a Rental Car Will Wait?

A rental car will generally wait 30 minutes to 2 hours for you. Hence, it also depends on the policies of the car rental company. If you do not reach the counter within this time, you may lose your rental car. Hence, in this situation, you can search for another nearby car rental service or go for other transport options.


So, if you want to book a rental car for airport pick-up, you should follow the discussion mentioned above. Further, you can also choose a car rental Antigua airport service to get the best service. However, while choosing a car rental, you should be very careful and clear all possible confusion beforehand.

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