Follow these tips & stay relaxed while getting a car hired in Antigua Airport

Follow these tips & stay relaxed while getting a car hired in Antigua Airport
Follow these tips & stay relaxed while getting a car hired in Antigua Airport

It’s often observed that car hire at Antigua Airport for pick-up and drop-off can be a little bit troublesome. This is because of the flight timings and of sudden emergencies that may crop up. People normally face problems with a rental car during pick-up from the airport.

But no worries! With OJ&T’s Car Rental & Leasing you will get the right service for your airport pick-up and drop-off facility without any hassles.

Read this article to get some tips on how to book a rental car for the airport.

  • Know the timing

Be well aware of the timing of the flight when you go for hiring a car in the airport. If you book it too early you might need to wait if there is a delay in the flight and if it’s too early, the rented car would wait for a long time and would charge you more. At OJ&T’s Car Rental & Leasing, we always suggest you the best way to book a car according to your flight timing.

  • Have extra time in hand

It’s always better to have some extra time at hand so that you don’t miss the flight even if you are delayed for some reason.

  • Keep more time for a large airport

While renting a car at big airport, you may require some time because of extra security checking and finding the rental car counter.

  • Peak season needs more time

If you are traveling during peak season, it’s better to book your car with a little delay. This time, airports remain crowded and security processing etc. can take additional time. So booking a car with delay can actually be beneficial to you since the process would be smooth and easy. We, at OJ&T’s Car Rental & Leasing, take care of this and provide you with the best service during this peak season to help you experience a smooth journey.

  • Extra luggage means extra time

If by chance, you have extra baggage, it will take some more checking time. So, book your rental car accordingly to avoid any delay and confusion.

  • Extra Time is needed if you have children

Kids are sensitive to crowds and may have the tendency to feel dizzy and uncomfortable just before flying. So making them feel relaxed is very important and that takes time. Moreover, if any health issues arise, it again may take some extra time. Hence, book your car keeping all these issues in mind.

  • Changing your pick-up time

Changing your rental car timing depends upon the policies and rules of the car rental company. At OJ&T’s Car Rental & Leasing, we let you change your pick-up timings from a few days to weeks, so don’t worry and stay relaxed.


Before going for a car rental Antigua, do keep in mind about these parameters. You can choose OJ&T’s Car Rental & Leasing  to get the best service in car hire Antigua Airport and be rest assured.

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