When is your flight landing? Midnight? Or do you have onboarding time in the early morning at the airport? Don’t worry OJ&T’S car rental service is ready out here to pick up or drop you at the airport on and before time while giving you the best car riding experience.

Our car rental for Antigua airport is a steady and regular process available easily within your desired budget. Our only objective is to provide an unmatchable rental car drive service in terms of


  • Time
  • Service features
  • Ambiance
  • Budget
  • Ready availability

We focus to keep you ahead of time and provide optimum comfort in a reasonable billing amount. If you are yet to witness the exclusivity of our service book our car hire for Antigua airport. We walk all those extra miles until we provide you with the best car riding service.


Why ride with us while you are on the way to the airport?

We have a round-the-clock service for car hire in Antigua airport; you do not want to keep checking your watch before the flight takes off. We are at your airport to pick you up or drop you at your destination. We care for your luggage and other accompaniments; hence, keep your worries away in managing those.


Moreover, we don’t charge extra for late-night or early-morning drives. We keep it all standard not spooning your pocket with extra demands.

Choose the brand and model of car for your commutation to the airport

We have a wide range and variety of premium and normal cars of each brand and model that you can select for your drive with us:

  • Ford
  • Toyoto
  • Suzuki


We have big spacious cars to accompany your friends and family within our car. Therefore, handover us all the responsibilities regarding your commutation to or from the airport with us.


We are just a call away to provide OJ&T’S car rental Service in your desired car and place.